Rather Do Your Taxes On Your Own This Year?

WRConkey teamed up with 1040.com by Drake to provide our client’s with a cost-effective do-it-yourself preparation tool. Drake’s 1040.com utilizes an easy-to-use interview to help you fill out just the forms you need. Because you link to the site from this location, you automatically receive the lowest price option available for your tax situation.

You only pay when you are satisfied and ready to file.

WRConkey is an affiliate of Drake Enterprise’s 1040.com and receives a referral fee if you pay to use Drake’s 1040.com to prepare your taxes through the link below.  WRConkey’s Accounting Service has faith in Drake’s professional level tax preparation software.  Drake’s 1040.com is an affordable, easy, reliable tax preparation tool for individuals preparing their own return.  We heartily recommend this product to our clients’ that wish to prepare their own returns,

Any warranties are provided only by 1040.com, if applicable.  You are responsible for the input of your data/information and are subject to the Terms of Use at the 1040.com website.

For the 2015 tax year, prices are:

  • 1040EZ  Free (9.95 Per State)
  • 1040A    $19.95 (14.95 Per State
  • 1040       $39.95 (19.95 Per State)
  • Extensions Free

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